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Pastor Josh, Sue Ball & Cheri Avery rocking out the acoustic on Sunday at Lakes Church

















What an exciting weekend at Lakes Church!

About 15 minutes before services started, we were rocking out to some worship, greeting everyone and then all of a sudden – the lights go out!

The whole church is down. Our tech guys start frantically looking for the source of the outage. Finally we realize that it’s not just us. Huge portions of the city were without power.

So we did what we could with what we had and we started the service with an acoustic guitar and two singers. They rocked it! The picture above is Pastor Josh, Sue and Cheri in the moment. 🙂

The congregation joined in and clapped, sang when they knew the words and it ended up being a really neat morning.

A HUGE thank you to our tech guys Pete and Pat who figured out how to get power from the house next door so we could have the microphones and musical equipment plugged in at least.

The lights did eventually come on about halfway through service but I say that something even cooler happened when those lights were off. The spirit of God fell on our church so strong and we came together as a church family.

Thank you Jesus for a Pastor and worship team that are ready to work through any bumps in the road. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with a building that is made to amplify voices without the use of electricity. Thank you for amazing people who come to our church.

Thank you for a truly amazing Sunday!

– Jess 🙂


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