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This, is Your Brain on…….Jesus?

Typically our blog is centered around whatever series Pastor Josh happens to be teaching on, but we’re gonna change things up a little because I have been helping out in the Sunday School room for the last month so I missed out on this last series (although it sounds like it was a spicy one!  Song of Solomon= send ALL the kiddies to Sunday school! (Great time to decide to help in the kids room Cherie!!!! Haha)

Since I missed all of that excitement, this blog will be more of a whirlwind trip thru the mess that is……my brain (you may wanna sit down cause this could make ya dizzy!)

To be totally honest, 2013 was kinda a rotten year for me.  Yes, I’m being a bit of a baby when I say that because I am aware of how ridiculously blessed I am.  All of my family members came thru the year alive and with our health, so how can I say it was rotten? Maybe a better word would be…..difficult.  Over and over throughout the year I found myself thinking how much easier life seemed to be before my family decided to find a church to belong to.  GASP!!!!! What an awful thing to say right?!?!? Hear me out on this.

Starting with the “restructuring” of our church family, to reoccurring criticisms, to strained personal relationships, to meetings and conversations I never want to have again, to a parade float that just refused to build itself, the year was full of difficult trials, which left me with a ton of questions!

Is this what God really wants? What am I supposed to learn from this? How could this happen?  I’m not really meant to be a leader, am I? Am I choosing my church over my family? Am I using my gifts the way I’m supposed to? How did I get so many people mad at me? Should I just stop going to church all together?  On and on……. I kinda went into a pity party of wondering why it had to be so hard???

Fast forward to our Awakening fast this January.  I figured if I wanted to have a better 2014, I’d better try to figure some stuff out!

I’ve never been great at sitting and reading thru entire books of the bible, but this was one of my goals during the fast.  I’ve tried over and over starting with Genesis and never make it too far, sooooo this time i decided to start with Exodus 🙂  I knew this might help with my “being a leader” issues.  The answer I found was not what I expected but it literally made me LOL!  without explaining the whole story it wouldn’t make much sense so you’ll just have to trust me here, I found my answer 🙂

After I finished Exodus I felt lead to the book of Acts (which I have literally never read!)  I love when you’re reading along and all the sudden there’s a line that appears to be highlighted in bright yellow (even tho it really isn’t).  This totally happened here!  In chapter 6, some of the apostles had been thrown in jail.  They were potentially facing death but ended up being set free instead.  It reads, “they rejoiced, because they were found worthy of suffering for His name”  Wow!!!!

Let’s backtrack to that pity party I mentioned earlier…….. What ever made me think it all should be easy?  “Suffering” is a pretty strong word, I’m not trying to be overly dramatic, but it was a pretty tough year!

Now, rather than praying my prayer of 2013 of, “please make this easier”, I’ve started praying, “please teach me to rejoice in the fact that I’ve been found worthy of spreading the amazing story of Jesus!” (and might I add, to never take it for granted that i have this privilege!)

I realized that life may have seemed easier before we were attending church but that would be because we were just living our lives in our own happy little bubble.  Not challenging our thoughts at all, or thinking about why we’re really here.  Of course stuff is going to get harder when you snap out of your “life coma” and start to realize that our lives are not our own and that we’re here to serve each other!

It’s always a bit unpleasant and painful when we’re going thru the “pruning” period, but there’s so much fruit to come from it!  I have a good feeling that 2014 is going to have a fabulous harvest 🙂



oh, I almost forgot my most profound thought of all! This winter really needs to end!!! I’m sick of being  freezing all the time!!!!!

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