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We just finished up a series all about marriage.  I hafta admit, beside the “financial series”, this was one of the hardest for me to sit thru!  The truth hurts sometimes and this series was chuck full of it!!!  Some weeks I wanted to hide under my pew while other weeks I thought, “phew! we’ve got this!”  Pat and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary during this series and with so much thought on marriage lately I really took the time to reflect on what has gotten us to 15 years and what we need to work on to get to another 15 years +.

The series was split into 5 categories:

Seek God

Fight Fair

Have Fun

Stay Pure

Never Give Up

If I’m gonna be totally honest, “fight fair” was by far the hardest week to sit thru for me (I’m pretty sure I may have even been rolling my eyes at Pastor Josh while he was preaching)  We get into patterns in our marriages, some good, some bad, but when it came to this message I realized I seem to be the one who breaks most of the rules for fighting fair!  This was shocking to me because I typically feel like I’m a pretty calm and even keel type of gal.  I think I crawled out the back door of the church on this particular week.

Luckily I felt quickly redeemed the following week when the topic was “have fun”.  There were 3 subcategories in this message:

face to face

side to side

and well…………………..belly button to belly button

Without getting too uhhhhh………………..personal, I left church on this week feeling like “Pat and I may not know how to fight fair all the time but we’re not so bad at having fun!”

I feel like a happy marriage is probably one of the things the devil hates the most!  Think of the power that comes from this union. Happy marriage = happy home = happy children who turn into happy adults who hopefully end up with their own happy marriage.  One great big circle of happiness!!! So what’s the devil gonna do to put a stop to all this happiness???  He’s gonna whisper in your ear….A LOT!!!!!  “Did you see how that woman looked at you?………. isn’t it so annoying when he……….. she’s always nagging you about……….he doesn’t pay enough attention to you…….. do you see how much happier that couple is than you?….” Whatever it is that annoys you about your mate, THAT”S what he’s gonna point out the most!!!!  And unfortunately, he’s winning.  People seem to be giving into temptation at an alarming rate.  It’s as though marriage is a joke these days!  People calling it quits pretty much over nothing and everything at the same time!

I’m definitely not implying that everything’s been easy for Pat and I (anyone who’s been on this journey with us would call me out on that for sure!!!) it has been a road with LOTS of ups and downs!  But we decided from the beginning that it was something worth fighting for and we’ve been trying our hardest for the last 15 years to do just that.  I feel like this series was very useful in pointing out our trouble spots and our strong spots.  It’s a great set of guidelines to help make the journey a little easier 🙂




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