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Life Support: Home Health + 4wk Challenge!

Happy Monday!

Wow I think those that came to church on Sunday EXPECTING a message from God got what they were looking for. Amazing sense of God’s presence this weekend (and every weekend at Lakes 🙂 ). We are excited that this series: Life Support is getting to some of the things that we struggle with every day.

This week’s topic: Home Health.

While Pastor Josh’s message focused mainly on marriages, there were still some great takeaway points that can be applied to all of our relationships and interactions in the day.

He started off by saying that: “Home health is about our relationships with our spouse, but it is much more about our own heart.”

Pastor Josh said there are 4 Vital Signs that we need to look out for:

1. We are naturally selfish. Read James 3:14-16
Solution? Have  REAL relationship with Jesus!

2. We get distracted. Read Mark 4:19
Solution? We must keep our eyes on Jesus.

3. We become deceived. Read John 8:44
Solution? Know what God says about us.

There are 3 lies we tell ourselves:
1. The Wedding Lie – We weren’t really meant to be together|
2. The Feeling Lie – I didn’t really love him/her
3. The Denial Lie – This may be wrong but God wants me to be happy right?

“God doesn’t want you to be happy, he wants you to be OBEDIENT!” God knows the plans he has for you, he knows your prayers before you even speak them, and he DOES have your best interests in mind. Sometimes that means doing stuff you don’t want to do. But if you just follow His Word then I promise He will see you through it.

4. We give up. Read Hebrews 10: 35-36
Solution? Adopt the mantra – It is NEVER too late.

Pastor Josh said “You don’t need more advice you need the hope & faith that God can heal your marriage.”

Then Pastor Josh issued us a 4-Week Challenge. He challenged us to do these 6 things over the next 4 weeks and see what a change is happening in our relationships.

1. Hurry Home
2. Cultivate Communication
3. Nourish Romance
4. Celebrate Differences
5. Finish Together
6. Trust God

I KNOW I’m not doing this message justice so if you are interested in hearing the full thing, please email and include your name, email, phone and that you would like a copy of Life Support: Home Health and we will get you a copy.

We’ll see you all next week with our next sermon in the series Life Support.

– Jessica Wrench



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