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Four Week Challenge


In our current series, Life Support, Pastor Josh spoke about the importance of a strong home life. He said that in our marriage and in our relationships, it needs to start with US.

He also challenged us to become stronger in our marriages and issued us a 4-wk challenge.

Over the next four weeks, prayerfully commit to doing each of these 6 things.

1. Hurry Home – Come together, leave together. Stop doing your own thing, and invite your spouse into your life.

2. Cultivate Communication – Proverbs 13:17 – Make meaningful communication with your spouse. Talk more than just about the weather or the kids. What are you dreams? What is God doing in your life?

3. Nourish Romance – “Make an Effort” Hold each others hands, kiss spontaneously, go on dates.  Proverbs 5:19

4. Celebrate Differences – Do your differences complete the two of you? Start to think about your differences with joy that God brought you together. – Mark 3:25 & Proverbs 3:24

5. Finish Together – Take the option of divorce off the table. It will change how you live, it will change how you fight.

6. Trust God– Let God fulfill you and let God give you purpose. It takes the pressure off of your spouse and yourself. Trust Him that He’s got great plans for you together and that HE will see you through your tough times. Psalm 127:1

To find out more about Pastor Josh’s message that spurred this challenge click here.

Are you participating in the challenge? Let us know how it’s going! Email Pastor Josh at and let him know you’re committing to working on your marriage/relationship and how things are going.





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