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The Battle Over Worship

Shout praises to the Lord, everyone on this earth.  Be joyful and sing as you come in to worship the Lord. (Psalm 100:1-2 CEV)

This week we switched things up a little and had an extended worship service (which is like a dream come true in Cherie land!!!). Even though we only had half of our worship team, it was a powerful time of worship!  Y’all might be in trouble because this may hafta become a more regular thing!

Pastor Josh spoke briefly about the story of Daniel in the lions den.  He was thrown in with the lions because he refused to stop worshiping God, even though it was against the law at that time.  (if you would like to read the whole story check out Daniel chapter 6………… 1431 in my bible ;))

I feel like a fire was lit in me after thinking about this story! Even though Daniel knew he could die as a result, he wouldn’t stop worshiping…………… but we, as Americans, have all the freedom we could ever want to worship the Lord as often and as loud as we want (thank goodness cause our worship team is LOUD!!!)  More often than not, we drag ourselves into church on a Sunday morning, complaining that we had to get up early,  complaining that we had a bad week, complaining that “so and so” didn’t say hi fast enough……….. sometimes we barely engage at all because we’re so wrapped up in the stuff we don’t approve of.

We need to stop acting like it’s our “duty” to go to church and realize it’s a privilege that we GET (not have) to go to church.  There are people in this day and age that are still facing the same fight Daniel faced, death if they’re caught worshiping God.  Yet they risk their lives because it’s that important to them.  I’m gonna guess once they get there they don’t waste their time being distracted by the other problems in life!

I say it’s time to embrace the freedom we have and give God the praise and worship he deserves .  Not our half distracted, sorta paying attention, kinda worship but the kind that has ALL our heart, soul, mind, and strength! Who cares what the person next to you thinks about your off key singing?

Side note: If you’re ever interested in getting a CD of a sermon you missed or maybe really connected with, you can request one from the fellas in the sound booth. I highly recommend getting this series if you missed it!

God bless and remember the power of worship! Having a bad day?  Throw on Jesus Culture radio on Pandora and I’d bet money that it gets better 🙂



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